Browser Push Notifications

How do Website Push Notifications work

The first step is getting opt-in from visitors. As soon as someone arrives on a website, an opt-in box is triggered. If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, he/she is added to your subscriber list.

As soon as a ‘visitor’ becomes a ‘subscriber’, you can send them push notifications from your website. These notifications will arrive in real-time even if the browser is not open at that point of time. Clicking on the notification will take the subscriber to the URL specified.

When to send Push Notifications

When to send Push Notifications

Website Push Notifications require an instant response on the part of the receiver, making a timely and precise message is important. It’s definitely more complicated than sending out a notification in a single batch, but that’s the kind of effort that is required in this highly-personalized environment.

Using Segmentation to Send Personalized Notifications

Categorizing your subscribers into different buckets that are as narrowly defined as possible. One way of doing this is to ask subscribers for preferences at the time of opting-in. Another very effective way is to go for behavioral segmentation i.e. putting subscribers into different segments based on their on-page activities like type of pages viewed, number of views of a particular page etc.