We are a team of entrepreneurs that believe in helping others solve their problems with digital solutions.


ISight Media is a digital marketing agency specializing proximity marketing using the Physical Web and website conversions. The company’s mission is to power the mobile phone with useful and needed content through that guides the customer through the buying process. ISight Media exists to provide high quality mobile content results that are fast, reliable and scalable without lag time to consumers on their mobile devices.

By providing high quality mobile content, informed expertise, and consistently profitable solutions, ISight Media generates enough satisfied repeat customers to provide a stable retainer base. This generates sufficient profit to provide stable employment for students and qualified future employees.

Here at ISight Media we are dedicated to helping community organizations with their digital solutions. We have been the go to company for assisting nonprofits in getting technology grants from Google.  In 2016, we’ve helped numerous nonprofits with receiving over $300,000 dollars in grant monies. 

We are heavily involved in the community by volunteering, helping local governments, mentoring and being a dedicated to advancing the minds of our future generations.

Social Listening

Listening to what online users have to say about your brand

Lead Generation

Using marketing automation tools such as call to actions, landing pages, browser notifications to acquire customers.

Campaign Management

We will design, train, implement, and manage the full life cycle of your strategy.

Proximity Marketing

Delivering messages directly to your customers smartphone when they get near your location.

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