Use Google Nearby To Interact With Things Around You

Interact with places & devices close to you

Nearby helps you find and interact with services and devices close to you (within about 30 m or 100 ft). With your smartphone and Nearby discoveries you can do things like pay for parking in a garage, order food to your seat at a stadium, or set up a new device. Nearby apps allow you and your friends or coworkers to do things like play games or collaborate in apps. Nearby discoveries notifications are silent, disappear automatically, and show below your other notifications.

Enable Google Nearby

  • Make sure “Bluetooth” and “Location” are turned on
  • Open your device’s Settings app
  • Find & Tap Google >Nearby >
  • Tap the gear in the upper right hand corner to access settings
  • Turn on:
    • Nearby Links Available
    • Devices ready to set up

Enable Physical Web

  • Make sure “Bluetooth” and “Location” are turned on
  • Enable Physical Web privacy options from within Chrome.
  • Tap settings > Go to privacy > Scroll to Physical Web > Turn on
  • Swipe down on your notification shade to see a list of Physical Web URLs.


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